The Leader in Safety Protection Article Industry for Over 20 Years


Established in 2000, Hebei Wennian Trading Co., Ltd is an international trading company that has been specialized in labour protection appliances production and export since its establishment.

We know well the importance of safety at work. Therefore, all our products are manufactured in strict accordance with national and international standards and are tested qualified before delivering to our customers.

We provides a wide range of safety protection articles, including but not limited to safety helmet, safety goggles, disposable face mask, earplug, latex coated gloves, rain boots, insulating boots, reflective safety clothes, work clothes, traffic cone, reflective tape, safety harness, safety lanyard, etc.

The picture shows the nine safety protection series products we have.
Why Choose Us?
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Strict raw material and operating cost control allow us stay afloat with competitive price.

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High Quality


We have established a professional quality control team that focus on product quality and check all products before they shipped out to ensure all products are qualified and even better.

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Kind & Considerate


Thanks to our 20 years of experience in safety protection products production and sales, we have a deep understanding of all our products and the industry, so that we can provide kind and considerate services to all customers.

Safety Protection Product Application
Two engineers who wear our safety helmet, safety goggles & reflective clothes are reading the drawing.
For Engineers
A construction worker who wears our safety helmet, gloves and reflective jacket is fastening the scaffold.
For Construction Workers
An inspector who wears our safety helmet, goggles and earplugs is conducting noise detection.
For Inspector
An aerial operator wears safety helmet, safety harness and lanyard for safety protection.
For Aerial Operator
A porter wearing a pair of latex coated gloves is ready to handle the cargo box.
For Porter
The beverage factory workers wear rain boots during work.
For Beverage Factory Worker
The maintenance work who wears work clothes and latex coated gloves are checking the equipment.
For Maintenance Staff
Traffic cones are placed along the road under construction.
For Construction Site
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