Reflective Safety Clothes – High Visibility Clothes Keeps You Safe at Night

Reflective safety clothes are a kind of safety clothing that puts reflective film on the surface of the safety clothing for night working or road construction. Without interference at night, the effective distance between reflective light and night light is 500 meters. It is an ideal night safety protective clothing.

It is especially suitable for road construction workers, traffic commands, polices, cleaners and construction workers.

The picture shows the front and back details of the reflective safety clothes.
Technical Data
Style Reflective vests, reflective T-shirts, reflective safety suits, reflective police suits, reflective raincoats, reflective cotton jackets, reflective strap, etc.
Fabric Polyester mesh fabric, quick-drying fabric, waterproof coating oxford fabric, polyester peach skin.
Color Fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red, fluorescent orange.
Reflective strap High-grade chemical fiber grade 2, high-bright reflective strip, reflective lattice, bright silver TC reflective strip.
Size S, M, L, XL, XXL or customized sizes.
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