ABS Safety Helmet – Unvented and Vented Styles for Your Option

ABS safety helmet refers to all safety helmets made of high-quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a common thermoplastic material of butadiene with excellent impact resistance and toughness. Compared with FRP safety helmets , ABS safety helmets are a type of injection moulded thermoplastic products that are easier to make. It is suitable for electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, construction, forestry, port, metallurgy, etc.

We can provide both unvented and vented ABS safety helmets in various colors. Vented ABS safety helmet provides added comfort for workers working in hot humid conditions.

A big white ABS safety helmet and four small colorful ABS safety helmets.
  • Soft and comfortable headband can effectively protect the user's head in the event of a collision.
  • Adjustable chin strap to make the helmet perfect fit your head.
  • High strength, excellent impact resistance.
  • Light yet solid, providing great heat and scratch resistance performance.
  • Great weathering resistance performance to withstand various harsh environments.
  • Electrical insulated and anti-static.
  • Both unvented and vented types are available.
  • Various colors are available for your option.
Technical Data
Item Description
Executive standard CE Standard, EN 397, ANSI Standard: Z89.1 TYPE I Class G & E
Shell ABS
Lining Plastic lining with adjustable chin buckle
Weight 310 g, 361g
Warranty 1 year
Color Red, blue, yellow, white, gray, orange
Application Industry, construction, transportation, mining, gardening, electricity
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