Disposable Face Mask – Economical Yet High Filtration Efficiency Mask

Disposable face mask consists of 3 layers of filtration fabrics from inside to outside: skin-friendly non-woven layer, melt-blown layer and non-woven layer. It adopts environmental-friendly metal-free plastic strip for the nose bridge, allowing you breath smoothly. Furthermore, it can cover users' mouths, noses, and chins to provide a comprehensive respiratory protection for your daily life and work. Its economical yet high filtration efficiency characters make it a perfect choice for most people.

A disposable face mask is displayed in 3D mode.
  • 3-layer filtration fabrics allow it having high efficiency effect and low respiratory resistance performances.
  • Effective filtration of fog, fine particles, powder, droplets and bacterial particles to keep users from respiratory damage.
  • High elasticity plastic nose clip fits on the nose bridge, making it suitable for all face shapes.
  • High elastic ear bands allow you wearing it for a long time without making your ears uncomfortable.
  • Physical ultrasonic welding and dense welding spots make it strong and durable with fine workmanship.
Item Description
Type Disposable, non-medical
Material Moisture absorption non-woven fabric inner layer, melt-blown fabric layer inter layer and waterproof non-woven fabric outer layer
Color Blue, pink, white or custom upon request.
PFE (Particulate Filtration Efficiency) ≥ 99%
BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) ≥ 99%
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