FRP Safety Helmet – Great Option for Applications with High Radiant Heat

FRP safety helmet refers to all safety helmets made of unsaturated special polyester resin and alkali-free high-strength glass fiber cloth with high strength, good insulation performance, high temperature resistance, water and acid resistance. Developed by modern technology and strict testing methods, FRP safety helmets are easy to manufacture and far less brittle. It is ideal for mining, petrochemical, smelting, high temperature and other industries with a risk of forming high radiant heat.

We can provide both unvented and vented FRP safety helmets in various colors. Vented FRP safety helmet provides added comfort for workers working in hot humid conditions.

A big white FRP safety helmet and five small colorful FRP safety helmets.
  • Lightweight and high strength
    It is quality yet lightweight and has a tensile strength about eight times stronger than that of HDPE safety helmets.
  • Great chemical resistance
    It has great resistance to atmosphere, water and general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, and a variety of oils and solvents.
  • Good electrical performance
    It has excellent electrical isolation and anti-static performances.
  • Good thermal performance
    It is made of excellent thermal insulation material that can withstand radiant temperature up to 500 °C.
  • Wide rang of styles and colors
    Unvented and vented FRP safety helmets are available in various different colors.
Technical Data
Item Description
Executive standard CE Standard, EN 397, ANSI Standard: Z89.1 TYPE I Class G
Shell ABS
Lining Plastic lining with adjustable chin buckle
Weight 310 g, 361g
Warranty 1 year
Color Red, blue, yellow, white, gray, orange
Application Industry, construction, transportation, mining, gardening, electricity
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