Mining Safety Helmet Allows You See Clearly In The Darkness

Mining safety helmet, also known miner safety helmet or mining hard hat, is a kind of safety helmet specially designed for miners who are performing underground mining activities to protect their head from falling objects. It is generally provided with a headlamp to allow miners seeing clearly in the darkness. ABS, FRP and HDPE are all great materials to produce mining safety helmets. It is widely used in various underground works such as mining, quarrying, tunneling and constructions.

Four colorful mining helmets are displayed.
  • Made of high quality tough ABS, FRP or HDPE materials.
  • Provided with 3-point chin strap, adjustable ratchet, 3 textile bands with 6 fixing points.
  • Built-in light-bulbs provide light in darkness and metal bracket is provided for easy attachments.
  • High impact strength and force dissipation.
  • Improved force absorption in the event of side impacts through special padding strips.
  • Optimized impact absorption through impact tube technology.
  • Electrical insulation and anti-static.
  • High wearing comfort and secure fit through ergonomically formed, height-adjustable suspension.
  • Various colors are available for your option.
Technical Data
Item Description
Executive standard EN 397:2012 LD, EN 50365:2002 Class 0
Lining Plastic lining with adjustable chin buckle
Sweat band Soft padded
Chin strap 3 fixing points
Suspension 6 points
Electrical insulation 1000 VAC or 1500VDC
Net weight 435 g
Size adjustment 53–60 cm
Warranty 1 year
Color Red, blue, yellow, white, gray, orange
Application Mining, construction, underground works
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