HDPE Safety Helmet Protect Your Head from Falling Objects and Impacts

HDPE safety helmet is a kind of safety helmets made of high density polyethylene that is designed to protect the top of the head against falling objects, impacts, bumps, scrapes, and electrical exposure. It is thermoplastic products known for its larger tensile strength than ABS safety helmets. It is widely used in agriculture, construction, electric utility, sand blasting, welding, chemical, mining, nuclear and oil refining industries, etc.

We can provide both unvented and vented HDPE safety helmets in various colors. Vented HDPE safety helmet provides added comfort for workers working in hot humid conditions.

A big white HDPE safety helmet and four small colorful HDPE safety helmets.
  • Manufactured from quality and tough HDPE material.
  • Low weight and optimized protection area.
  • Quality sweatband with foam cushion makes it always comfortable.
  • Excellent impact resistance that will not fall off rapidly at lower temperature.
  • Full brim style for 360° of optimal coverage and protection to the eyes and face from the sun, rain, and falling objects.
  • Large temperature range from -20 °C to 80 °C.
  • With great resistance against acids, alkali, concentrated hydrochloric, alcohols and oils, etc.
  • Largest front area for any industrial logos.
  • Electrical insulated and anti-static.
  • High wearing comfort and secure fit through ergonomically formed, height-adjustable suspension.
  • Both unvented and vented types are available.
  • Various colors are available for your option.
Technical Data
Item Description
Executive standard CE Standard, EN 397, ANSI Z89.1-14 and CSA Z94.1-15, Type I Class C, E, G
Shell Thermoplastic HDPE, high-density polyethylene
Lining Plastic lining with adjustable chin buckle
Weight 310 g, 361 g
Warranty 1 year
Color Red, blue, yellow, white, gray, orange
Application Industry, building & construction, transportation, mining, gardening, electricity
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