LED Traffic Baton with Highly Visibility Flashing Mode Option

LED traffic baton, also known as LED traffic wand, is an effective tool for traffic guide. Both battery and charging LED traffic baton are available. In addition, it has normal on and flashing working modes for your option.

It consists of an injection molding ABS handle switch, a PCB circuit, several light emitting diode and a PVC pipe. It has a compact structure and a reasonable layout, which allows people seeing the light indication 1000 meters away at night.

It is commonly used in places where traffic flow and pedestrians gather together for evacuation.

Many colorful LED traffic batons are displayed.
Technical Data
Item Description
Material PVC pipe, ABS handle lever.
Overall length 41 cm, 54 cm
Diameter at both ends 3 cm, 4 cm
Color Red, green, blue, yellow.
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