Safety Goggles Provide Perfect Eye Protection against Dust & Splash

Safety goggles is a kind of personal protection articles that can effectively protect eyes from external damage.

Our safety goggles comply with industrial grade requirements. It has excellent ultraviolet-proof, windproof and dust-proof performances. Furthermore, it can effectively protect workers' eyes from liquid, dust, debris or chemical damage.

It is especially suitable for workers in laboratory, chemical engineering, woodworking, machinery, construction and decoration industries.

A pair of transparent industrial safety goggles is displayed.
  • Executive Standard: CE EN 166 / FDA ANSI Z87.1.
  • Compliance with industrial grade requirements to withstand chemical pollution.
  • Made of aerospace polycarbonate, which features lightweight and allow users wearing for all day long comfortably without the sense of pressure.
  • Reasonable nose pad design reduces the burden of the nose and making it wearing comfortable and not easy to fall off.
  • High light transmittance enhances the visual field without blind spot and ensure the normal visual effect.
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